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about shecontent

Being a woman is a beautiful feeling but at the same time, it is challenging too.

Isn’t it?

So to make your life a little easier I have created this platform.

Shecontent.com is a space where we will talk about every problem that a woman faces in her day to day life.

Being a woman myself I know how hard it is to talk about topics that are still considered taboo.
When I was going through the transition from being a girl to a woman, I remember I had so many burning questions that I wanted to ask but there was no one and even the internet was not so famous at that time.

Even today, I am sure many girls are still shy in sharing the problems they face during this beautiful transition.
But the good thing now is that the internet is easily accessible.

Shecontent.com also brings to you the most trusted and the best products for your menstrual health, hygiene, hair care, skincare, and much more.
Explore to find out more.

A section of shecontent.com is dedicated to all the teenagers.

I understand what all changes you go through these years and I am trying to cover every possible topic of your interest.

With that being said if you have any questions or any topic that you want me to cover, do not hesitate to contact me directly on the email given below
email: roopamsingh73@gmail.com
you can also contact me on my social media handles(details at the bottom).

You are going to enter a beautiful phase of womanhood soon or maybe a few years from now and I want all of you to be fully prepared for the roller coaster ride
and I am not even exaggerating.
it is indeed a roller coaster ride.


My intention of creating this space is to help young girls and women who are shy in discussing their problems related to their menstrual hygiene and other personal problems.

As a teenager even I have faced problems managing periods in school and I have seen my friends facing the same.

But slowly with hit and trial methods I have become pro at it and I plan to share the same life saving hacks with everyone.

I have decided to dedicate my time and energy to bring content (a state of satisfaction) to all the beautiful souls out there.

To be your most trusted source of information, health-related articles are medically reviewed to verify the clinical accuracy of the content.

So consider me as your online friend and join the journey with me to the world of contentment and a healthy lifestyle.

lots of love and light

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about roopam singh


My name is Roopam Singh.
I am a blogger by passion and profession.

I have done my post-graduation in business management and graduation in Science.
Currently, I live in Chandigarh, India.

I love to write, read and cook.

My aim of creating shecontent.com is to educate and uplift each and every woman.

I request all of you to share your personal experience either in the comments or write to me personally because you know in this way we can learn from each other’s real-life experiences.

I would be more than happy to help!

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