Medical Team

Our medical team consists of health professionals from different institutions and organisations. They help to ensure the scientific accuracy and integrity of all our content.

Prior to publication, the health professionals evaluate the content to ensure that the information is medically accurate, up-to-date with the current standard of care and is well supported by up-to-date research citations.

We as a team, work tirelessly to bring quality content and ensure that Shecontent’s readers receive the highest quality of health information.

Meet our team

Payal Umrethe, Physiotherapist

Dr Payal has done her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from V.S.P.M’s College of Physiotherapy, Nagpur. She had worked as a physiotherapist at Wockhardt Hospital, Nagpur. Currently, she is working at Mundhada’s physiotherapy Center and Nirmal plus multi-speciality clinic.

Priya Jain

Dr Priya has done her MBBS from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha. Currently she is interning with the same institution.