13 Best quality sanitary pads for teenagers in India [2022]

Are you a newbie in this period game?

Well I assume a ‘yes’ because that’s the reason you are here on this page


This article presents you with the top 13 best sanitary pads for teenagers to ace the period game.

A teenager goes through drastic changes in these years and period is one of them rather the most major and the scariest one and let us admit that for initial few months it is a little difficult to understand how it is, what period product you should use and whatnot.

The Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and the period cramps!

The worst of all…

The scariest thought that comes along with the period is leaking and that too in public.

Well actually periods are not something that you should be ashamed of but you know if you leak there’s lots of hassle. 

We all agree to this 


best sanitary pads for teenagers

How to select the right sanitary pads for teenagers?

Choosing the right pad is very crucial for experiencing a comfortable period.

Your mom or maybe your sister will recommend you to use a pad of their choice but ultimately you will have to choose according to your periods because every girl is different and so their body and of course their periods.

And gone are the days when there were only a few choices.

Nowadays you have lots of options and you can choose any of them according to your flow.

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how to select right pad?

The best way to select the right pad for you depends upon various factors which include

  • FLOW

Usually flow is more during the initial two days and it starts decreasing after 3rd day onwards

So you can use a high absorbent pad for the first two days a little low absorbent pad for the rest of the days


One size doesn’t fit all. Too long or too short pads can cause discomfort.

Choose the length of the pad according to the flow.

For the first two days, you can use pads that have wider back and wide wings whereas then for the rest of the days you can use a normal length pad


Pay extra attention to the material because pads made of low-quality material can cause rashes. 


Look for pads that give an odour control feature. Make sure it is not strongly scented.

According to my experience, it will take you 3-4 cycles to actually understand your periods and then you can finally decide what works best for you.

13 Best quality sanitary pads for teenagers in India

Below given are the top 7 sanitary pads in India that have been chosen by millions of women.

Let’s start with my favourite one

1. Whisper Ultra Clean

  • Best fit for – Medium flow
  • Size – 317mm
  • Extra-large pads with wings
  • Wings provide support to the pad
  • Absorbs in seconds, converts liquid into gel 
  • Little scented for odor control 
  • Gives 5x protection than ordinary pads

2. Whisper Ultra Nights

  • Best fit for – heavy flow
  • Size- XXL+ 360mm40% longer pads for more protection especially at night.
  • Ultra-wide back for leakage protection throughout the night
  • 5 times effective in absorbency 
  • It has a lock core that converts fluid into gel
  • Its dry-weave cover gives a soft and dry feeling.

3. Stayfree Dry-Max All Night Ultra-Dry XL

  • Best fit for – heavy flow
  • size – 315mm
  • Ultra-thin pads which have wider back and wider wings
  • It has a dry max cover to give you a dry feeling throughout
  • It has a unique night guard feature for all-round protection
  • It comes with odor control technology which gives you a fresh feeling

4. Whisper Choice Regular Wings

  • Best fit for – medium flow
  • It has a blue-lock core to give a clean and dry feeling throughout your period
  • It gives you 100% stain protection
  • Extra comfort due to the soft dry-weave top sheet
  • Large size wings for ultimate fit and protection

5. Sofy AntiBacteria Extra Long Pads

  • Best fit for- medium flow
  • Size- 290mm
  • Extra-long sheet to prevent leakage
  • It has a green sheet for protection from bacterias
  • Gives 99.9% bacteria protection
  • Outer sheets are made of natural ingredients 
  • Provide all-day protection and odor

6. Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thin

  • Best fit for medium flow
  • Size-315mm
  • It has a night guard feature for all night protection
  • It has a dry max cover to give you a dry feeling
  • It has super lock pockets that convert the liquid into gel

7. Whisper ultra soft sanitary pads 

  • Best fit for medium flow
  • Size -254mm
  • Soft top sheet for extra gentleness on skin
  • Stretchable wings keep the pad in place 
  • Soft pores drive liquid to the core and lock it away
  • Nearly 20% longer for more coverage vs wiper choice wings

8. Pee Safe Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

  • Best fit for- medium flow
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • 100% organic
  • It comes with a reusable box
  • More absorption capability 
  • Made of bamboo pulp
  • Expensive

9. Vwash wow ultra thin sanitary napkins

  • Advanced fluid lock 
  • Advanced absorption
  • Super dry feel and irritation-free
  • Side wings secure the pad in place and prevent side leakage
  • Impermeable bottom layer 
  • Soft side hydrophobic layer reduces friction between thighs and the pad

10. Amrutanjan comfy sung fit sanitary pads

  • Best fit for medium flow
  • Size – 230mm
  • It has wider wings
  • Skin-friendly comfort
  • Anti-leak system
  • Rapid suction funnels absorb fluid rapidly to maximize comfort
  • Budget-friendly

11. Sirona rash free and natural sanitary pads

  • Made with natural resources such as corn, sugarcane, cassava, and straw bale
  • Features: black, super -absorbent, biodegradable, ultra-thin
  • Benefits: it is super-absorbent, rash-free, antibacterial, and locks the period smell
  • Environment friendly: Sirona’s black pads are biodegradable in nature and help you save on your carbon footprint.

12. Carmesi all natural sanitary pads

  • Based on natural ingredients, no harmful synthetics or chemicals used
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Extra soft and dry top sheet for a rash-free experience
  • Super absorption with a bamboo fiber-based core.
  • Super thin

13. Dilency extra care sanitary pads

  • It gives you full day and night protection with secure XXL ultra-thin sheet
  • Dry net cover for best dry feel protection, 
  • Environment friendly
  • Antibacterial property
  • 10 pantyliner free along with 40 pads (so a good deal)


The first few months may seem a little tough managing this transition but don’t worry you may be a newbie right now but one day you’ll become a pro at it. 

Perfection comes with experience.

Once you get comfortable with pads and periods, your generation is lucky to get some cool and amazing period products like

These period products have their pros and cons but with practice and the right use, they can make your menstrual cycle easy and comfortable.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How many hours we can use a sanitary pad?

Most of the companies promote their product by saying that it can be used for 12 hours straight however it is not recommended by doctors.
It is advised to change the pad after every 4-6 hours even if the flow is scanty. If used for 10-12 hours, it could lead to bacterial growth and even infections.

Do pads contain chemicals?

Sanitary pads contain volatile organic compounds and phthalates. Long term use of pads can cause infections. It is also advised not to use pads that are highly scented.

Can I use cloth pads?

Yes of course you can however you will have to wash it and dry the pads under the sun. If that’s comfortable for you
there’s nothing like it!

How to dispose of used pads?

Wrap it in a newspaper and throw it in the dustbin. Do not flush.

Can I flush used pads?

Pads should never be flushed down the toilet because they can clog the drainage system and this can create a lot of mess.

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