Travelling during periods? Best 7 tips you need to know

You are all set for a fun-filled vacation.

You are planning and packing for that much-needed break.

But hey, wait!

Did you cross-checked with your ‘aunt flow’?


Well then do it because I am sure periods is the last thing you want to deal with whilst travelling.

Isn’t it?

However if in any case your ‘aunt flow’ decides to arrive before or during your vacay, here is what you need to know for surviving.

Travelling during periods can be really troublesome especially if you are not prepared but you need not worry because I have got you covered girl.

7 Tips to keep in mind while travelling during periods

Here are 7 tips that will help you to travel bravely and confidently without worrying about leaks.

Plan your vacation accordingly

Travelling during periods

The first tip that comes to my mind is to plan your travel dates accordingly.

To be very honest, you are not going to enjoy your vacation to the fullest if you start menstruating during your travel and vacation time even if you are well prepared. 

Especially if you are not a menstrual cup user, things can get pretty bothersome for you.

Reasons for not travelling during your periods.

  1. Most of the times in India people travel by train and if you are taking a train I consider it to be more than an 8-12 hours journey. Sometimes it could be overnight also. So the point is that you cannot take a shower and your menstrual hygiene is severely compromised. This problem can be solved if you are taking a flight but since there are some places where there is no connectivity so you are only left with the option of the train.
  2. If you are taking a road trip, you will have to take frequent loo breaks. Using public washrooms again can compromise with your entire intimate hygiene.
  3. If you are going on a trek or camping, know that you are not going to get clean toilets and sanitary products that easily.
  4. If you are a water baby, forget about enjoying yourself in the pool and beaches unless you are using a menstrual cup or a tampon.
  5. And yeah how can we forget about painful period cramps. What’s the whole point of vacation if you are suffering during your leisure time also?

So considering all these points, I would highly advise that you plan your vacation according to your menstrual cycle.

Having said that, I also understand that some women have irregular periods and in that case, your plans may fail or maybe there is an important occasion for which you have to travel on a specific date which coincides with your period date.

For those scenarios, point 2-7 is going to help you get through.

Keep reading!

Carry all your essential items

Travelling during periods

Whether it’s your period time or not, one thing that a woman should never miss is carrying her period kit. If you are not carrying these essential items, I swear you are going to get a panic attack if your flow arrives unexpectedly.

Here are few period-related products that you cannot miss to carry along with you.

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are saviour. 

May be pads aren’t your favourite period product of choice but during travelling, it comes in handy. Also, it is easy to fit in your period kit.

Heating pad

If you are someone who experiences painful period cramps make sure to carry hot water bottles or an electric heating pad along with you.

According to a study applying a heat patch at 104°F on the affected area is as effective as ibuprofen.


Heating pads are not handy.

Also if you are someone who experiences painful periods, heating pads may not give you solace. Over the counter, medicines are safe to use and show fast effects.

Period pain alone can ruin your entire mood so make sure you are carrying some painkillers handy in your period kit.

Tissue papers/ newspaper

You will need these to safely dispose of your used period products.

Wet wipes

Anyone who’s ever had a period knows, it can leave you feeling gross.

Isn’t it?

Make sure you are carrying wet wipes in your period kit to freshen up in need.

It can also be used if you want to clean a menstrual cup. 

Emptying a menstrual cup in a public washroom may not be the most comfortable experience for you. So the only way left to clean it is with wet wipes. 


Carrying a polybag is often ignored. However, it is very important because sometimes you may end up staining your underwear. So in that scenario, a polybag will definitely come to your rescue.

Extra underwear

As said above it might happen that you may end up staining your underwear and you will have to change it. This is rare but it is always a good idea to be prepared for the worst scenarios.

Use a menstrual cup

Travelling during periods

We have talked so many times at length about menstrual cups and indeed they are one of the most loved period product. 

A menstrual cup is long-lasting. Unlike sanitary pads, they can be worn up to 12 hours straight.

You’ll no longer have to worry about finding washrooms to change pads or tampon frequently.

Once inserted correctly, consider yourself sorted for 10-12 hours. Chances of leakage are very low in the menstrual cup.

Another good thing is that your menstrual hygiene is maintained, you don’t get rashes and you can manage a heavy period flow with atmost ease.

The most flattering thing about menstrual cups is that they let you enjoy water activities without any worries. Be it a pool party, beaches, scuba diving or anything of that sort, you can enjoy all of that even on your periods with this little cute cup.

It may take you a little practice to get used to it.

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Invest in period panties

Travelling during periods

Period panties are another life-saving product for travelling during periods.

Has it ever happened with you that you have to travel and you are unsure of periods?

I am sure every woman has gone through this.

In those situations of unsurety period panties is a blessing. 

Period panties are a type of underwear that absorbs menstrual blood just like a pad.

It is not practical to wear a sanitary pad or a menstrual cup every day just for safety precautions because you are not sure when your periods will arrive.

Isn’t it?

That’s why I recommend you to start using period panties instead of normal panties from the time you are unsure till the time your periods actually come.

Isn’t that a great and practical way to deal with periods?

And you know these panties can also be worn with a sanitary pad or a menstrual cup for extra protection against leakage.

These are easily washable due to their material and can be reused again. 

That so cool!

Comfy clothing

Travelling during periods

Uncomfortable is the perfect word for how you feel during your periods. 

This sensitive time takes a toll on our skin as well. Wearing synthetic fabrics that irritate the skin can lead to red bumps.

So pick clothes in natural and soft fabrics like cotton or linen. The same applies to your lingerie as well. Cotton lingerie will be the smoothest on your skin and will protect you from rashes. 

The bottoms you choose to wear dictate how comfortable you feel. 

When picking the right pants, it’s all about the waistband. A stretchy waistband guarantees a comfortable day ahead.

Leggings and palazzos are the perfect weapons for your war against discomfort.

You can pair your leggings with kurta or shirt dresses to cover up any unwanted bulk.

You can also layer up your outfit with jackets or shrugs. This will add an extra layer of protection to soothe any paranoia.

Relaxed and loose dresses or skirts are your saviours. They camouflage unsightly bloating which is common during periods.

Wear cycling shorts or tights beneath your dress or skirt, they are a great way to keep stains at bay.

Along with comfortable clothing make sure your footwears are comfortable too. Your shoes can contribute towards your comfort level throughout your periods.

Safely dispose

Travelling during periods

Disposing of used period products in a correct manner is important because it can compromise with our health and with other’s health too. 

So how can you do that without any hassle?

Carry tissue papers or newspapers along with you. Wrap the used sanitary pad or a tampon in a newspaper and throw it in the dustbin. Wash your hands after you are done and that is it.

If you are using a menstrual cup, empty the cup, wash it with clean water or if you are uncomfortable washing it in public restrooms, clean it with wet wipes and then reuse it.

Consider skipping periods

Travelling during periods

Wondering how?

Well, this option is only open to those women who are on birth control pills. You can skip your periods by not taking the placebo pills.

According to Mayo Clinic, this is a safe practice unless your doctor advises otherwise.

However, you may still experience spotting, so if possible you can try it once before going for the vacation and see how that works for you.


At some point in life, every girl has said this ‘I wish I was a boy.’

Isn’t it?

But why?

Being on periods doesn’t mean being handicapped. Don’t think that you cannot do a certain thing or enjoy certain situations just because you are on your periods.

Our generation is lucky because at least we have access to plenty of period products that have made our lives easier.

Don’t let periods ruin your plans.

I hope these tips will help you to enjoy your vacay to the fullest. 

The tips above are based on my personal experience, It would be great if you can share any other tips based on your experience as well.

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